ClearNail Laser

Laser therapy is the latest development in treatment for fungal nails (onychomycosis)

How does the Fox Laser work?

The Fox Laser uses the 1064nm wavelength infrared light to treat and eradicate nail fungus. The increase in temperature will damage the cell wall causing the cells to die and inhibit further growth.

What preparation is necessary for laser treatment?

Remove all nail polish, your nail will be trimmed and filed in order for the laser to be more effective.

Is the treatment painful?

Vital for the success of the Fox Laser treatment is the warming of the nail bed to approximately 45 degrees and that the warmth be maintained for at least 40 seconds.

How long will the treatment last?

Depending upon the size of the nail, the Fox Laser treatment typically takes 1-3 minutes per nail or 15-20 minutes to treat all 10 nails. The laser is continuously in motion over the targeted area during the treatment. Depending upon the severity of the nail fungus, 3 or more treatment sessions may be necessary at various interval times.

What is the predicted cure rate?

In clinical studies, improvement has been observed in 68-80% of patients after 3 treatment sessions, but there is no guarantee of success. Results depend upon minimising the risk of recurrence with adequate hygiene precautions (disinfection of the shoes, washing the socks etc). In addition, it is recommended to use anti – mycotic cream between the toes and on top of the nails.

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